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Posted by on Sep 4, 2015 in Blog, Queen's Honours | 0 comments

Would you like to pay me a fortune?

Would you like to pay me a fortune?

I get lots of calls from people wanting a free opinion on their chances of Queen’s honours success. I get to talk to some very interesting people and loads of time-wasters. The Oxbridge graduate who proudly told me that his crowning glory was getting a First and has been considering numerous lucrative career options springs to mind.

I politely dissuaded him from bothering, but what I really wanted to do was bluntly tell him not to waste my time and to get real – no one gets a Queen’s honour for just getting a First, although I bet his mum was over moon as indeed I would be if it where one of my flock.

It’s about either being a proven leader in your field or a selfless, giving person in terms of community or charity commitments.

This guy was clearly neither.

Reflecting on this, I actually realised that it’s my own fault for offering free advice and guidance in the first place, as you will know if you have visited my company website Awards Intelligence. I bet that if I charged say £5000 for a consultation, I’d save myself lots of wasted time and the appropriateness of those contacting me would be extremely high. I’d no doubt end up encouraging the vast majority to get themselves nominated.

So, if anyone would like to pay me £5000 for a consultation give me a shout. I won’t charge you anyway, but I bet you have a great story to tell!



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